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The houses it aspects.

Is this summary ok? They act on our mind — conscious and subconcious. Hi VS, you had mentioned that Mars stays in one sign for 45 days, but in the month of May there is Mars transit where it stays in Capricorn sign for 6 months , can you please shed some light on that.

Hi The 45 day is an average for Mars. Whenever Mars gets retrograde in a sign once every 2 years approximately then it can spend upto 7 to even 8 months in one sign. Sometimes it will go into the previous sign while retrograde and sometimes it remains in the same sign during entire retrogression depending on the degree at which the retrogression starts.

VS, I have a basic and could be stupid question, kindly answer regardless. From a transit perspective, does the natal position of a planet matter if it does not aspect the natal house during transit? I asking with respect to the influence of that planet only. For example, capri asc, Ketu in the 12th. Example if rahu MD and rahu travels over a negative and weak planet in the chart then it triggers the negative impact of that planet to full extent even if it is say 3rd from moon which is generally a good transit for rahu.

VS, Please do find time to answer even if I sound a little confused. My area of doubt is : In the 2nd example, why does Rahu not trigger the full -ve impact. Rahu in general is good only in 3,6,10 and 11 from moon. However what I emphasized is that even within the good transit, transiting over a negative natal planet will give negative impact till that is over. I got it. It depends on how far the transitting planet is close to the badly posited planet in janma kundli. For a cancer asc, being the lord of the 6th and 9th and if the 6th bhaav is stronger than the 9th, could Jupiter bring obstacles in the bhaavs it transits?

Think of it as the Jeeva-karaka. As an activator of the house and planets it is transiting over.

Transit of Saturn - Saturn Transit of Vedic Astrology

If 1 is true, does it also activate the natal planets in the aspected houses? Yes either transiting over, opposite, full aspect or exact trinal. Hello there, Please help me understand…My natal Saturn is at 26 deg in Libra and currently Jupiter is also transiting Libra, does that mean when Jupiter will be at 26 deg in Libra, it will cross over my natal Saturn and give some result? Yes, Jupiter will tend to activate the results of saturn in your chart.

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Sir, For Taurus ascendent, Saturn occupies 6th house — Libra and is alone. Can such person have enimity with co-workers or lack of acceptance. Here Jupiter is the Lord of 8th house — saggitarius placed in 10th house — Aquarius. Can you please share your thoughts. In this situation, Saturn will not damage anything related to the native.

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If however venus is weak in the chart or combust or retrograde then the good results of saturn will be slight reduced the person will rise in life only after lots of trials and tribulations and not right away. Hello VS, Do we analyze transit from the natal position? If Sun is transitting 8th from the natal position is that bad for example?

Vivek, Just so I understand this better from a Gochara angle: The ashtakavarga of the natal chart shows the bindus at the time of birth.

Sade Sati – Shani (Saturn) transit

However, if I want to know if transitting Mars is good from its natal position, I would have to check this myself and see if Mars is 1,2,4,7,8,10,11 from its natal position. Am I correct here? When mars transits cancer 3. No, saturn will still be more irritated.

Hello VS: If say Jupiter is transitting in an unfavorable house from Moon and Lagna but is in the Kakshya of say Mercury which is giving a rekha, can it still give good effects? For evaluating ashtakavarga of transit , do we consider rashi or bhava chart? In JHora, we get 2 different tables for each of these charts.. Hi VS.. Vivek sir Does bhrigu bindu really exist in astrology?

Transit over Rasi is a bad transit. Natal Jupiter is aspecting the 8th and hence carries more of the blemish of the 8th than the goodness of the 5th into the 2nd. Jupiter is a generic benefic, but do the above factors have an influence on the way it aspects the various from the Moon? Hello VS: Does the natal bala of a planet influence its transit results? Is that a major consideration? Saturn is in Libra. Also,the intensity would be more when saturn dasha is going on,right? I have a follow-up question.

Analysing Transit wrt Ascendant is preferable as it is physical and gives prediction of physical results. This is a huge difference. Will appreciate if you can take a small simple example and explain. In one of your posts it was mentioned any planet away from the Sun has better ability to function. If close then it becomes Combust. Lets say, a planet is behind Sun but C and another planet is ahead of Sun and C.

In such a scenario what could be considered better — being behind or ahead.

How Saturn transit to Sagittarius effects the houses in your Natal Chart?

This can be the opposite for the faster planets like mercury and venus and moon. For Capricorn ascendent Rahu is transiting over natel retro jupiter in cancer in the 7 th house and ketu is transiting natel venus in the ascendent causing issues with relationship. That can only be known by studying the entire chart and its dasas. By itself not every Capricorn ascendant person will have problems in this transit.

Having said that, the transit negative influence of rahu-ketu on the axis for Capricorn will certainly cease after March 22, Does Jupiter tend to expand the effects of these two planets? Does Jupiter act more like a judge in Dhanur than as an ascetic in Pisces? Saggi is activated. Mutual influence is happening between the two planets.

The trinal and other aspects of these planets are colored by this influence. Jupiter has entered Saggi and the Rasi is activated again. Am I correct in the above? It is currently in mooltrikona part of its sign in the intense nakshatra moola. Vivek sir You said there is time difference between activation of any house or planets there in and outcome related to that activation. Vivek sir What is celeastial longitude with respect to the placement of planets …a prominant astrologer says that planetry war occurs only if two planets are at the sane degree and minute..

I saw a Taurus lagna chart where the family is facing multiple sudden issues? What if Saturn is in exalted house like Tula in Horoscope and currently running Saturn Maha dasa seems favorable so far and Mercury Antar dasa. What if Saturn transits to 4th house during this time.

Saturn Transit Report

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