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He will be forced to leave his native land.

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My observations: Ketu in the fourth house makes a person respectful to god and others. But at the same time he will have a bad health and tendency to quarrel and will be licentious. He will live in a foreign country and may have a weak heart. Ketu in the 5th house Phaldeepika - Deprives the person of children. He will be evil minded and will be oppressed by evil spirits My observations: It gives interest in the mysterious and the unknown. Not much happiness from children.

More daughters. He is sinful and immoral. Ketu in 6th the house Phaldeepika - Will is magnanimous. Have good qualities, firm, renowned and will be vested with high authority.


He will be able to vanquish his enemies and will be successful in obtaining Ishta Siddhi. My Observations: Gives the capacity to fight back. Gives confidence in the self. Will have many enemies. Gives happiness and long life. Ketu in the 7th house Phaldeepika - Will suffer humiliation.

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Will associate with fallen women and will be separated from his own wife. He will suffer from the disease of the bowel and may lose his potency. My observations: In the seventh house Ketu reflects passion and strong influence of a person on others. It also makes the proud, sinful and habituated to make false promises.

It gives disease. It deprives one of happiness in married life. Gives impotency when associated with other malefics.

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Gives foreign connection. Quarrelsome and short-lived. Suffers injury from weapon. Maansagari: Suffers from disease like piles, suffers from fear from fall from elephants, horse, vehicles. According to chamatkar chintamani a person with Ketu in 8th can eye others wealth and wife. Jatak Parijat: If Ketu is in the 8th with a benefic it gives prosperity and will not reduce longevity. My observation: Can have supernatural powers. May sense death in advance. Deprives family happiness. Gives disease and obstructions. Death from a weapon. Ketu in the 9th house Phaldeepika - Will indulge in sinful and unrighteous acts.

Will be deprived of his father. Will be unfortunate, poverty stricken and will defame others. My observations: Ketu in ninth house makes a person brave, thrift, trustworthy and wealthy. At the same time he will be sinful. Ketu in 10th Phaldeepika - He will face obstacles in performing good acts.

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He will be impure and indulge in wicked actions. He will be bold. He will be famous for his valor. Persons, having Ketu in the tenth house are happy, religious, pilgrimage to sacred rivers and places, fond of scriptures and of fertile brain. They will get bad effects of Ketu at the age of Ketu in 11th Phaldeepika - Will accumulate wealth.

Will have good qualities. Will enjoy luxury and comforts. Will achieve success inn all his undertakings. Uttaraakalamitra: It gives gains from foreigners.

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My observation: Ketu in 3rd and 11th proves harmful for the co-borns. It gives courage and the capacity to fight back. Ketu in eleventh house makes persons not only humorous, witty, intelligent, and wealthy but also licentious and bad for mother. Ketu here is not good for the co-borns. Will squander his money for undesirable purpose. Will destroy his wealth and take to forbidden conduct. He will suffer from the diseases of the eyes. In the twelfth house Ketu shows intelligence and spiritual cravings but at the same time fickleness of mind.

My observation: A well associated Ketu gives intuition and spiritual upliftment. Ketu and Education Ketu gives a person strong power of concentration, perception and independence in order to pursue spiritual depths. Ketu governs languages and opens door to creative and innovative ideas. It signifies information technology.

Computer applications are its forte. It also governs meteorology. It gives microbiology in association with Jupiter.

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  • The best example of a Ketu driven horoscope is of Julian Assange His cybercrimes shook the world. The high and mighty tumbled. Assange asked a valid question. Will the US re-affirm the revolutionary values it was founded on? The horoscope of Julian Assange based on birth date of 3rd July, has been taken from the internet. It validates the principles of astrology.

    This horoscope with Scorpio Ascendant has a strong Ketu which is conjunct with Mercury in the 9th house. This Ketu is aspected by Jupiter, Saturn and Mars. The time of birth of seems to be the correct one and the place of birth taken is Townsville, Australian Capital Territory, also from the internet. Lagna lord Mars is exalted in the third house with Rahu and has the aspect of Mercury. The horoscope dominated by Mars, Mercury and Ketu fits on his personality convincingly. Ketu and Disease Epidemics of virulent nature, leprosy, cancer, plague and skin eruptions.

    Uttarakalmitra- peptic ulcers, bone fever and quivering.

    When in the 12th house problem to the eye. When in the 7th impotency.

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    Chamatkar Chintamani: In 6th, 8th or 12th house in the antardasha of malefic gives problems in job, uncomfortable foreign travel, urinary disease, diabetes, gonorrhea, semen related disease, danger from thieves. Ketu and Professions Ketu indicates secret missions and service, tricky jobs; it makes oculists, translators, interpreters, computer engineers, ashram workers.

    It gives jobs in the cyber world, meteorological department, space research, computer applications, programming and software development.