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Get your daily Taurus horoscope. Discover your weekly love forecast, monthly horoscope or relationship compatibility. Taurus Horoscope - Read your free Taurus daily horoscope on Astroyogi and find out what the planets have planned for your zodiac sign taurus yesterday. April 01, Taurus Horoscope for today. I want my ex back and for him to truly become loyal to our relationship do u see that happening. Like 0. Taurus Daily Horoscope: Free Taurus horoscopes, love horoscopes, Taurus weekly horoscope, monthly zodiac horoscope and daily sign compatibility.

Taurus Daily Horoscope. Today - 4 April By Dadhichi Toth from astrology. Daily Horoscopes Readings, What do your.

Daily Taurus Horoscope, Wednesday, 3 April You want to know whether you can take a recent arrangement seriously. Today I Start my Life Anew Today's chart focuses on our personal relationships and interactions with others That pretty much means that is the way we. You will be able to demonstrably see that what I stated in my previous series is accurate. Expects things to start moving quickly…. This intrigued me. I was not disappointed. At the moment, Mercury is on the Aries side of Taurus, actually having just entered Taurus on June 5 5 days ago as of writing this.

Now the two meet up again as Saturn ends its transit through Virgo. Also interesting. I showed a conjunction to my class yesterday of the five planets that the ancient civilizations knew about in a photo taken a few years ago. But anyway, back to the claim. I took a look, and yet again, Mars is not anywhere near Virgo. However, Mars moves through the sky much more slowly than Mercury.

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About the other part of that claim — when Mars last transited moved through Virgo, it did so between August 8, , and October 15, From 1 Earth year to the next, or even 2 Earth years to the next two, Saturn is not going to move very far in the sky. So if Mars right now is near Saturn, then the last time Mars was in this location, it was also near Saturn.

But, regardless, Nazon is yet again wrong on her dates. But this really does bug me a fair bit. In a different way than all the doomsday-sayers and young-Earth creationists. Astrologers claim that what they are doing is science. They base what they do on the motions of the planets, sun, moon, stars, and sometimes asteroids. The very least they could do is to get those motions and positions correct! You ever asked a die-hard astrology follower to point out constellations at night?

Comment by Evolving Squid — June 16, am Reply. According to astrology, the twelve signs are of equal size and start at 0h Aries , 2h Taurus , 4h Gemini , etc of Right Ascension. And they are, as such, almost an entire constellation off from astronomical signs. You should bear this in mind when tearing down astrology. Comment by dcsohl — June 16, am Reply. Well Terry Nazon is not accurate at all! I paid her Well she told me that I would meet this man and he would be in radio and tv.

Terry said that he would have a lot of money and this guy would change my life. She said it would seem like a fairytale and I would ask myself could this be true. She also told me this guy would treat me like a princess. Well guess what I have yet to meet this guy! I challnged what she said and she got snappy with me. Per our last conversation I am supposed tomeet him this year. She said that he was high profile.

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Im still pay check to pay check! No man! She did say that I would attract a lot of high end men. I guess she was right on that part they were losers! Please keep your money!!! Nothing she said ever happened and when I asked her again about him having money she said i didnt say he would be super rich…lol…guess she was broading the pick of th litter. Oh the kicker was that me and this guy was supposed to be married was suppose to happen quick…I guess it was good to dream! Comment by single and I also have talked to Terry and find she has been right — it just has been about 2 years later from when she says.

And sometimes you get in the way when someone tells you something. If she told you that you were going to meet him, maybe you thought he would just come to your door and you stopped doing what you would usually do. It always happens when you are not looking or expecting it. If you want to meet a high end man, go where they are. Go to a gym, even. If you are looking at bars, you will probably not find one.

So stop whining and do something with your life and it will happen naturally. Check back in another year or two and let us know if it happened.

June 9, 2010

Dreams do come true. A lot of money in this economy — believe it or not — is not super rich. Maybe you guys will work together and make a lot of money. So stop looking at life as one track — verbatim. Just saying…. Comment by lisa — January 21, pm. Hi Lisa 2years have past and nothing. Now sweetie I wanted you to know that I do get out. Sorry to hurt your feelings.

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You wrote as if you knew me and you have no clue. The time you wrote this I was in school and I go to the gym. I also lived in Atlanta and met a lot of wealthy men… Sweetie she told me that when I met him he would already be rich and very generous.

I celebrate your joy with you… Take care and be blessed lady. Comment by Jessica — May 26, pm.

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Terry Nazon is very rude and self absorbed. She has been wrong about everyhing she has told me for the past 4 years. Comment by kyra — September 8, pm Reply. Comment by Ken B — June 16, am Reply. Comment by astrostu — June 16, am Reply. Comment by Leon — June 16, pm Reply. Comment by Tom Callahan — June 16, pm Reply. I actually just returned tests to my students where the first short answer question asked why many consider astrology to be a pseudoscience.

Comment by Stuart Robbins — June 16, pm Reply. Comment by Bill Stewart — June 17, pm Reply. As others have written, the difference between what this astrologer is saying about the positions of the planets, and where they actually are, may well be due to the precession of the equinoxes. Nazon is probably using the tropical zodiac that pretends the sky looks like it did when astrology was first made up a couple of thousand years ago.

Comment by Skeptico — June 16, pm Reply.


I have not checked the ephemeris positions of these placements, but some or all may be accounted for by the differences in the tropical and sidereal horoscopes. So for this whole theory to be accurate, we need to check against a tropical ephemeris, which is easy to find free online. The ephemeris equations come from the US Navy, or from Astrodienst, which garner the same results when you crunch the numbers. And we almost all use computers to calculate. There is a movement afoot since the late s for astrology to become versed in the new discoveries — this starts with Chiron.

I can count at least five astrologers I know personally who can run off the sequence of discoveries; who know what a semimajor axis is; who can calculate the positions; who know that QB1 was the the KBO that verified the existence of the Kuiper Belt. Astrologers were informally involved in the naming of Centaurs Pholus, Nessus, Asbolus and Chariklo, through the correspondence with the MPC and their in-depth knowledge of the myths involved.

Those myths were translated out of ancient Greek by one of the astrologers — Dieter Koch.

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It was like the twilight zone.